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$558,000 says we will NEVER provide Bank BSB & Account numbers in an email
Sep 30

Conditions precedent beat warranties hands down
Sep 2

Buying a house – YOU are responsible for the terms of the contract.
Jul 31

Buying off the plan or from mortgagees: what could possibly go wrong!
Aug 16

Don't get whacked with stamp duty if your deal falls through!
May 25

The "what, who, when, how and what if" of contract clauses.
Oct 27

Can you really afford NOT to buy your first home?
Oct 11

Penalty interest – what is it and who pays?
Oct 6

How to burn big bucks without even trying: pay for land before settlement!
Sep 27

How to win $800 back off the state government
Sep 21

Where's my money?
Aug 28

Seller Identity Verification – Why, What and How?
Aug 15

If you don't have cash DON'T make a cash offer
Aug 10

What is this Title insurance thing?
Aug 4

Do I have to keep all this paperwork? What records should I keep?
Jul 25

21 Or 28 Day Settlement Periods – What’s It Matter?
Jul 15

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