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Services & Costs

Settlement Fees are set from time to time by the Settlement Agents Supervisory Board and published in the Government Gazette. They represent the maximum cost for the professional services and the settlement agent’s time to settle your property. Click here to request a quote.

Fee Schedules
Click on the links below for Settlement Fees, Transfer Registration Fees and Stamp Duty:

Disbursements are additional to settlement fees and are out of pocket expenses necessarily incurred by the settlement agent in the process of settling the property, over which the settlement agent has little control. In all cases disbursements are not marked up and are fully disclosed and detailed on settlement statements.

SELLERS’ disbursements usually are around $75 - $100 comprised of a title search ($20), bank cheque fees (up to $11 ea, but not all banks charge them) and telephone, postage, photocopying ($40). Sometimes there may be additional title/encumbrance searches, company searches (from $10 ea) and/or a Landgate fee to register the discharge of mortgage ($160).

BUYERS’ disbursements are much higher at around $430 - $650 comprised as follows:

Transfer Duty (formerly Stamp Duty)
Buyers pay Transfer Duty and sellers pay real estate agents commission and up to about $300,000, they are often quite similar amounts. Click on the links above under 'Fee Schedules' for the tables containing the actual stamp duty amounts.

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