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Why Use a Settlement Agent?

Property settlements are very complex contractual arrangements that involve more than just buyer and seller and involve huge amounts of money. Errors can cost a fortune and delay settlement, incurring even great cost, not to mention that it may mean you can’t move into your new home or out of your old one when you were intending to do so.

Settlement agents and conveyancers understand the process and work hard to ensure all your contractual benefits and obligations are honoured, that errors are minimised and that you are protected.

Nonetheless, if you know what you are doing you are free to conduct your own settlement. However you may not conduct anyone else’s without being licensed to do so.

It is our experience that people buying from or selling to a person conducting their own settlement are legally vulnerable and will need legal advice constantly during the process. 

As a consequence we will not act for you when the other party is acting for themselves, we will refer you to a lawyer so that you can receive the professional advice you will need throughout the process to protect your own interests.

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